Zoho MarketingHub and Zoho CRM Integration

I’ll explain what you need to do in your Zoho CRM in order to have successful synchronisation of data in this Zoho MarketingHub tutorial.

I have included some important points below which are also in the video.

‌Get rid of spreadsheets

‌Using spreadsheets can lead to mistakes in your marketing.
Zoho CRM + MarketingHub eliminates the need for spreadsheets.

‌What goes into the CRM?

‌Zoho CRM holds all the data for your customers and prospects. 
Make sure you have fields in your CRM to hold the data.

‌Leads or Contacts?

‌Leads hold unqualified prospect information.
Contacts hold qualified prospects and customer details.
Make sure the fields in the CRM have clean data and the fields populated.

‌Structured vs Unstructured Data

‌Use structured data such as picklists, checkboxes and date fields.
Avoid syncronising free text boxes with MarketingHub, segments could become less accurate.

‌‌Types of Syncs

‌There are 3 types of synchronisations to MarketingHub available: 
All Records Sync 
List View Sync 
Criteria Sync

‌Advanced Synchronisation

‌Advanced synchronisations can allow products purchased by customers to be used for segmentation.
This advanced subject may be included in an upcoming training course depending on interest.


‌‌Use Structured Data fields for Synchronisation.

Make sure the data is clean.
Synchronise Leads, Contacts or another module.
Make sure you’re on Professional or above subscription on the CRM.

Get yourselves a trial system of Zoho CRM and Zoho MarketingHub

‌Next: Zoho MarketingHub – Integration Settings

‌In part 2, I go into detail about the settings you need to configure.

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