I'm trying to... How to Use CRM Admin Course Manage Your CRM
Navigate CRM and add basic data
Add detailed data, activity, and report on performance
Train people on how to use CRM
Manage an existing system better
Build a new system from the ground up
Fix an existing system
Add additional functionality, eg automation

Zoho CRM: Manage your CRM system

For anyone wanting to manage a CRM system better for their business.

  • Understanding which Zoho subscription level is right for your business
  • Before setting up your CRM
  • Getting your users and stakeholders involved
  • Designing your business processes
  • Planning your build
  • Organising the data for your build
  • How to start a new Zoho CRM system
  • Building your CRM
  • Create and send pre-built Emails, Quotes, Invoices, and Documents
  • How to send documents and contracts for digital signing from the CRM
  • Managing users
  • Saving everything you and your customers say
  • Keeping customer data secure and compliant
  • Display information the way you want, with Canvas
  • Automating boring, repetitive tasks in CRM
  • Even more automations to lock down your business processes
  • Extending your system to work with other parts of your business
  • Importing and exporting data in your CRM and other important data tasks

Zoho CRM: Essential CRM Skills to Manage Your Customers Better

Learn essential Zoho CRM skills to manage your leads, accounts, contacts and deals.

  • Navigating the CRM interface
  • What's a Lead and when do you use it?
  • Adding Accounts and Contacts
  • Adding and tracking Deals

Zoho CRM: How to Use

For anyone wanting to be the best at sales and customer management.

  • Navigate around the CRM interface
  • View and send emails
  • Assign tasks, add events and log phone calls
  • Designing your Sales Process
  • Recording Leads, Customers and Deals
  • Tracking your sales activity
  • Creating Quotes, Sales Orders and sending Invoices
  • Recording issues with Cases and Solutions
  • Marketing with CRM
  • Creating Reports, KPIs and Dashboards
  • Extending CRM and building templates

Zoho CRM: Administrator Training

An essential starter course for Zoho CRM Admins.

  • Managing personal settings and access security
  • Setup user permissions and access to data
  • Import, export, and backups
  • Make data collection comply with GDPR
  • Connect external email to CRM
  • Bring all communication together in one place
  • Encourage healthy competition with Gamescope
  • Get deeper insights with Zia, the AI assistant
  • Programme CRM to do more for your business
  • Connect to other business apps in the marketplace
  • BONUS LESSON: Manage users and applications in Zoho One

Zoho SalesIQ: Turn Website Visitors Into Customers

See who's visiting your website, talk to them in real-time and then record everything in Zoho CRM.

  • How to chat with visitors
  • Seeing your SalesIQ activity in Zoho CRM
  • SalesIQ Reports
  • Managing users in SalesIQ
  • Configuring the chat popup, cookie and blocking IPs
  • Staying GDPR compliant in SalesIQ
  • Automating SalesIQ – triggering, routing and monitoring chats

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