Zoho CRM: Building you own CRM system

For anyone wanting to design and build a CRM system thats perfect for their business.

  • Understanding which Zoho subscription level is right for your business
  • Before setting up your CRM
  • Getting your users and stakeholders involved
  • Designing your business processes
  • Planning your build
  • Organising the data for your build
  • How to start a new Zoho CRM system
  • Building your CRM
  • Create and send pre-built Emails, Quotes, Invoices, and Documents
  • How to send documents and contracts for digital signing from the CRM
  • Managing users
  • Saving everything you and your customers say
  • Keeping customer data secure and compliant
  • Display information the way you want, with Canvas
  • Automating boring, repetitive tasks in CRM
  • Even more automations to lock down your business processes
  • Extending your system to work with other parts of your business
  • Importing and exporting data in your CRM and other important data tasks


Zoho CRM: Full User Training Course

For anyone wanting to be the best at sales and customer management.

  • Navigate around the CRM interface
  • View and send emails
  • Assign tasks, add events and log phone calls
  • Designing your Sales Process
  • Recording Leads, Customers and Deals
  • Tracking your sales activity
  • Creating Quotes, Sales Orders and sending Invoices
  • Recording issues with Cases and Solutions
  • Marketing with CRM
  • Creating Reports, KPIs and Dashboards
  • Extending CRM and building templates


Zoho CRM: Administrator Training

An essential starter course for Zoho CRM Admins.

  • Managing personal settings and access security
  • Setup user permissions and access to data
  • Import, export, and backups
  • Make data collection comply with GDPR
  • Connect external email to CRM
  • Bring all communication together in one place
  • Encourage healthy competition with Gamescope
  • Get deeper insights with Zia, the AI assistant
  • Programme CRM to do more for your business
  • Connect to other business apps in the marketplace
  • BONUS LESSON: Manage users and applications in Zoho One

Zoho CRM: Essential CRM Skills to Manage Your Customers Better

Learn essential Zoho CRM skills to manage your leads, accounts, contacts and deals.

  • Navigating the CRM interface
  • What's a Lead and when do you use it?
  • Adding Accounts and Contacts
  • Adding and tracking Deals

Zoho SalesIQ: Turn Website Visitors Into Customers

See who's visiting your website, talk to them in real-time and then record everything in Zoho CRM.

  • How to chat with visitors
  • Seeing your SalesIQ activity in Zoho CRM
  • SalesIQ Reports
  • Managing users in SalesIQ
  • Configuring the chat popup, cookie and blocking IPs
  • Staying GDPR compliant in SalesIQ
  • Automating SalesIQ – triggering, routing and monitoring chats

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