Essential CRM Skills to Manage Your Customers Better

Learn the correct way to create leads, accounts, contacts and deals, and get to work faster.

Free Zoho Training

Getting started with Zoho CRM.

Is this you?

  • You’re struggling to get customers and sales data into Zoho CRM the RIGHT way.
  • You’re thinking of using Zoho CRM in your business and just want to see what it’s like to use BEFORE signing up. 
  • You want to try a CRM Trainer course before committing to a full course.

Don’t worry.  This FREE course will take you through the basics and arm you with some core ZOHO CRM skills!

What will you learn:

Getting around CRM.

  • Navigate around the CRM interface quickly and efficiently

Recording Leads, Customers and Deals.

  • What is a Lead and when do you use it?
  • Adding and updating Accounts and Contacts
  • Adding and tracking Deals.  
Certified Zoho Trainer

I build CRM systems for organisations small and large, and I’ll be your teacher.

My name is Tabish Alam, and I’m a Senior Consultant at one of the top Zoho Partners in Europe. I hold a Level 2 Certification in Zoho CRM, which is currently the highest level possible.

I regularly run on-site training for Zoho applications and hear a lot of questions about Zoho CRM from users and administrators alike. In this mini-course, I share the answers to a few of those questions, as well as hints and tips to make using your new CRM system simpler. 

Thank you.