Lead Management in Zoho CRM

Lead management in Zoho CRM can be a confusing topic especially how it works. In this article and video. I’ll explain the need to create a Lead depending on what you are trying to do.


“A Lead is a contact or organisation which could potentially become a customer for your goods or services.”

Leads contain 3 parts

  • A person’s details. 
  • The organisation they work for (B2B only). 
  • Information on the product or service they are interested in.


“Qualification is the process of identifying if the lead is worth pursuing to turn them into a customer or prospective customer.”

Lead Conversion

What is a lead?

Lead Management Scenarios

?A new enquiry comes in. What should you do in the CRM?

?Lead Already Exists??Contact / Opportunity Exists???Best Practice Action
?NoNo??Create a new Lead
?YesNo??Update the existing Lead with some new details or create a new Lead
?NoYes??Do not create a Lead, instead create a new Opportunity against the existing Contact

Common Mistakes And Misconceptions

  • Missing communication details.
  • Ill-defined Lead statuses.
  • Creating Leads for an existing Contact.
  • Incomplete Lead conversion mapping.


  • Check if you need to create a Lead or not.
  • Capture all the details.
  • Progress through qualification to the conversion process.
  • Incomplete Lead conversion mapping.
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